In Conversation with Cas' Cakery

On the eve of the Cas' Cakery x Colour Mill launch we sat down with Cas' Cakery, Australia's very own queen of cakes, to talk all things baking, business and Cas' Cakery.
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    In Conversation with Cas' Cakery

    Hailing all the way from Toowoomba, Australia, this small-town and self-made cake decorator knows how to run a business with big heart.

    In just 5 short years, Cas went from baking and decorating cakes at home for friends and family, to worldwide phenomenon. With over 248k followers on Instagram Cas is recognised worldwide for her signature dreamy-boho cake decorating style, delicious Ermine buttercream recipe and range of cake templates; travelling across the country to teach her techniques.

    Now, on the eve of the launch of the Cas' Cakery x Colour Mill collab set, we spoke with Cas to chat all things baking, business and Cas' Cakery.

    Cas Cakery with her Colour Mill 12 pack of Oil Blend food colouring for baking and cake decorating.
    Cas holding the new Cas' Cakery x Colour Mill collab pack
    Cas' signature style of cupcake made with Denim, Mauve and Blush.

    How did you get started in the baking world? What was it that lit the spark?

    I started making cakes for my kids birthdays and realised how creative it was. Then I just couldn’t get enough of Pinterest, looking at every cake style and idea there was!

    How did Cas' Cakery the business get started?

    When I first started making cakes for friends and family, I was reported to the council for not having the right licenses. The council encouraged me to make a go for it so on the 14th of April 2018 I registered and launched Cas' Cakery and have never looked back.

    What’s your favourite thing about being 'Cas' Cakery'?

    Interacting with the beautiful people within the industry that have the same passion for cake decorating as myself. But, teaching classes is my absolute favourite part. I’m incredibly passionate about sharing my skills with others. 

    What’s your favourite baking hack? 

    When colouring anything it's important to remember that adding colour is like adding salt, you can't take it out once it's in there. It's always better to start off with just a few drops of colouring, mixing it in and assessing if you want to keep adding more to deepen the colour.

    What's your favourite thing about using Colour Mill in your cake decorating?

    I love the Colour Mill pigments! You can create such dreamy palettes with even just two colours. They mix so well into buttercream and the colour range is just phenomenal.

    What’s your favourite thing to do with Colour Mill?

    I love piping cupcakes but I equally love decorating cakes and being able to add multiple layers of colour and texture to my bakes without the colours bleeding into each other.

    Tell us a little bit about why you picked the 12 colours in your pack?

    My top 12 is essentially me in a pack! They're all of my most used tones and you could easily pick any 3 of the pigments in the pack and they’d all work together cohesively. 

    Learn to decorate the Cas' Cakery way with this Colour Mill x Cas' Cakery collab pack, launching July 21st exclusively on the Colour Mill and Cas' Cakery website!

    Written By Colour Mill x Cas' Cakery