Answering your Bakers Bond FAQ's

Get the low down on Bakers Bond edible glue as we answer all of the most asked questions!
    Tips & Tricks

    Unleash your inner edible engineer with Bakers Bond as we tackle all of your stickest (and most frequently asked) questions!

    How long does Bakers Bond take to dry?

    We suggest holding your glued elements down for about 15 seconds before letting go. The glue will stay tacky and won't completely dry down for 30 mins, but this all depends on your environment (humidity plays a big role!) and what product you're gluing on.

    What's the best way to apply Bakers Bond?

    Pour a small amount of Bakers Bond onto a paint palette (or any non-porous surface) and apply to your bakes with a food-safe brush. Be careful not to use too much or else the surface can get too slippery.

    Use a food-safe brush to apply Bakers Bond to your baking and cake decorating.
    Using a food-safe brush to adhere fondant leave to gum paste flowers.

    Can I thin the consistency of Bakers Bond?

    You sure can! Mix a small amount of water with your Bakers Bond to create a thinner consistency. Adjust the amount of water to create the consistency that works best for you!

    How long does Bakers Bond last?

    Once opened, Bakers Bond lasts up to 2 years. Make sure you store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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    Written By Colour Mill