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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to my country?
Yes. We offer worldwide shipping via DHL, prices are calculated at checkout.

How do we contact you?
Please email for all enquiries.

Do you offer free shipping?
Sure do! We offer Worldwide Free Express Shipping over $150 (excludes wholesale and trade).

Where can I find your products?
You can find a list of our stockists on our Stockists Page If you would like our product stocked in your local store, please let them know about us.

How do I pay?
Pay with all major credit cards (master card, visa, amex) via our secure online payments powered by Stripe as well as PayPal.

Can I colour chocolate using your colours?
Of course, our colouring is best for any products containing oil.

Why are some colours heavier than others?
Our product is sold by ml (volume) not gram (weight). Despite bottles being filled to the same volume, some will be heavier than others depending on the ingredients.

Are your colours Halal?
All of our ingredients are certified Halal.

Are your colours Vegan?
Yes, all our colours are vegan besides: Baby Pink, Raspberry, Rose, Lilac, Lavender which contain E120.

Are your colours Kosher?
All of our ingredients are certified Kosher.

Do your colours contain any Allergens like Gluten or Nuts?
No, our products are completely allergen free.

Are your products Natural?
Our products are a mix of natural and synthetic, please see here for details.

Which mediums won't your products work in?
Products which are effected by oil like macarons or products which are high in water. Remember our colouring works best by mixing into fats and oils.