Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely! We offer express worldwide shipping. You can expect to receive your goods within 3-7 days wherever you are in the world!

We also offer free shipping worldwide on all order over $150aud (some exclusions apply).

Colour Mill can be found in all good baking and cake decorating stores across the globe. Visit our stockists map to find your closest retailer. If your local store does not carry our products, please let us know!

All of our colours are completely free from the Top 10 Allergens!
You can find a full ingredients list of each colour on each product's page.

Our colours have a shelf life of up to 5 years – that’s a lot of baking!

Use Oil Blend to colour Buttercreams, Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Ganache, Cake Batter & everything with delicious Butters & Fats. Aqua Blend is to be used with baked goods that are oil and fat sensitive such as Macarons, Royal Icing, Meringue, Fondant, Jellies and Drinks!

We love to chat baking! For any advice, tips, questions or just want to chat please reach out to us at

Colour Mill products are Australian made from the best local and imported ingredients.