Baking and cake decorating ideas to bake Mother's Day sweeter

From mini cakes to macaron bouquets, explore our lineup of the sweetest baking and cake decorating inspiration for the sweetest lady in your life.
    Baking and cake decorating ideas to bake Mother's Day sweeter

    Because we all know the best kind of gift is edible.

    Mother's Day Bento Cake

    Mother's Day Bento Cake made with Colour Mill Fuchsia, White and Yellow Oil Blend.

    A super sweet, single serve cake that Mum doesn't have to share. To make this mini cake, you can either bake it in a 4in cake tin or bake a sheet of cake and cut out mini rounds using a cookie cutter or food ring!

    This beginner-friendly, buttercream bento cake was made using Fuchsia, Yellow and White Oil Blend, a no. 125 piping tip and Gloss Frost.

    Macaron Bouquet

    Macaron flowers made with Colour Mill Aqua Blend water based pigments in Lime, Rose and Orange

    Flex your baking skills and say it with (almond) flours with a macaron bouquet! Instead of piping normal macaron shells, use a slightly smaller, round piping tip and pipe out petals instead!

    Recreate these floral macarons with Aqua Blend Lime, Rose and Orange.

    Monochrome Mini Cake

    Mum already sweet enough? Skip the layers of buttecream and let the cake speak for itself with this triple barrel mini cake. Separate your cake batter into 3 different tins, colour each tin, bake, cut out your mini rounds, stack and decorate!

    Made using Purple Oil Blend and Gloss Frost.

    Cupcake Corsages

    Buttercream Bouquet made with Colour Mill Oil Blend Blush and 125 Piping Tip

    Unleash your inner piping picasso and recreate these stunning floral cupcakes with just a single no. 125 Piping Tip and Blush Oil Blend

    With the wider edge of the piping tip closest to the top of the cupcake, begin piping your petals one at a time, creating beautiful layers of buttercream.

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    125 Medium Petal

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