Creator Close-Up | Meet Alex LaRosa

Get to know NYC based fashion designer turn cake decorator, Alex LaRosa as we chat all things design, cake decorating and Colour Mill!
    Alex LaRosa from AlexLaRosa Bakery

    Meet Alex LaRosa, New York City based fashion designer turned cake decorator. We spoke with Alex to find out more about how she was introduced to the wonderful world of cake decorating, her design process and how she creates her unique and eye-catching designs with just a few bottles of Colour Mill.

    Hey Alex! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started in the baking and decorating world.

    After losing my job as a fashion designer at the start of the pandemic, I began searching for a creative outlet and stumbled upon baking.

    I had never baked a cake, but was asked to make one for a friend's outdoor birthday party. Much to my surprise, I loved baking it as much as the party guests loved the cake. Friends at the party asked me to bake for them and word quickly spread. I started adding my bakes to my personal instagram page and it grew from there. 

    I loved designing clothes and I now approach each cake/cupcake design using the same process. I create mood boards and colour palettes for each bake, and absolutely love the designing and decorating process.

    Alex La Rosa from Alex La Rosa Bakery
    Meet Alex La Rosa the NYC based fashion designer turn cake decotator.
    Winter Wonderland Cupcakes by Alex made using various tones of Sky Blue

    How would you describe your decorating style? 

    My decorating style is minimalist, fun, and unique. I love playing with negative space on cakes and cupcakes and never want my designs to look too overly done. It's all about walking away and coming back to your bake with fresh eyes.

    What advice would you give to someone starting out in baking and decorating?

    Have fun with it! The beauty of buttercream is you can always wipe it away and start again. So there's no need to sweat over any mistakes; it's truly the most forgiving medium and the tastiest!

    What is the biggest challenge you've faced since becoming a decorator?

    Controlling my excitement -- and obsession!  I get so excited about a new design or concept that I obsessively research it for hours and lose sleep because I cannot stop dreaming up all the ways to decorate. 

    What's your most-used decorating hack/tip?

    Probably the flat top cupcake! If you haven't tried it, frost a cupcake with buttercream and flip it upside down on a sheet of parchment. Put it in the freezer for ten minutes and peel off the parchment to reveal a beautifully flat surface for your designs. 

    What's your 3 favourite Colour Mill colours and why?

    Top 3 are hard to choose! I love playing around and mixing the colours together so my most used colours are definitely Yellow, Hot Pink & Sky Blue. Just those three colours can create so many beautiful shades! I recommend buying those and the primary colours in large bottles.

    Oil Blend


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    Original, bold and impossible to mimic, as one of the three primary colours that can't be mixed, Yellow is a must-have in every baker's colour collection.

    Check out all of Alex's work at her Instagram.

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