Introducing Chocolate Drip

Get ready to dip, drip and drizzle until your hearts content with our brand new, coloured melting chocolate in a bottle, Chocolate Drip!
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    Colour Mill Chocolate Drip coloured melted chocolate in a bottle

    Say goodbye to wrestling with burnt, bumpy and bland chocolate and say hello to vibrant dipping, dripping and drizzling with Chocolate Drip, the newest arrival to the Colour Mill family!

    What is Chocolate Drip?

    Pre-coloured, melting chocolate in a bottle

    Chocolate Drip is a vibrant, delicious and easy to work with alternative guessed it...chocolate!

    Available in 20 of our best selling, streak-free and fade resistant pigments, Chocolate Drip works similarly to coloured melting buttons. To use, simply microwave, shake and dip, drip or drizzle all your desserts.

    Colour Mill Chocolate Drip, coloured melted chocolate in a bottle for drip cakes, chocolate covered strawberries and more
    Chocolate Drip is available in 20 vibrant, streak-free and fade-resistant colours.
    Tiffany coloured Chocolate Drip used for creating easy drip cake decorations
    Small nozzle lid makes drip cake decorations easier than ever.

    How to use Chocolate Drip

    Melt in the microwave or over the stove

    Microwave Method

    Screw off the lid and remove the seal. With the lid off, microwave for 20 seconds. Squeeze the bottle to break up the contents. Microwave for another 20 seconds, put the lid back on and give the bottle a good shake. If still not melted through, heat for 10 second intervals until contents are fully melted. Caution: Do not microwave for intervals longer than 30 seconds to avoid burning or over heating.

    Boiling Water Method

    Stand bottle in a jug of boiling water for 10 minutes. massage & shake regularly until melted all the way through. Caution: do not allow water to get inside the bottle. avoid contact with boiling water.

    Use for dipping, dripping and drizzling

    Now the fun begins! With your Chocolate Drip fully melted you can use it the same way you would use melted chocolate or ganache.


    From dipping strawberries to cake pops, macarons, cookies, ice cream, foam decorations and more, the possibilities are endless! (And who doesn't like something dipped with chocolate).

    Chocolate covered strawberry. Strawberry dipped in mint coloured Chocolate Drip by Colour Mill.
    Dipping a Strawberry in Mint Chocolate Drip.
    Multicoloured chocolate covered strawberries created with Chocolate and Tiffany Colour Mill Chocolate Drip
    Creating a mulit-coloured strawberry dip with Chocolate and Tiffany coloured Chocolate Drip.
    Drizzling chocolate covered strawberries with Blush coloured Chocolate Drip by Colour Mill
    Level up your dipped strawberries with a drizzle of Chocolate Drip.


    The perfect drip-consistency in 30 seconds may seem too good to be true, but here we are! Funnily enough, Chocolate Drip was first designed to make achieving the uber-trendy drip cake design easier than ever with its precision nozzle lid and easy squeeze bottle design.

    Creating a drip cake design with Orange Colour Mill Chocolate Drip
    Create a drip cake design with Orange Chocolate Drip.


    Similarly to dripping, Chocolate Drip can be used to create drizzle designs on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, macarons, ice creams and more!

    Chocolate drizzle cake design using Baby Pink and Green Colour Mill Chocolate Drip
    Creating a striped drizzle design with Baby Pink and Green Chocolate Drip.
    80's style drizzle cake design using White, Candy, Purple and Lavender Colour Mill Chocolate Drip
    Getting messy with this 80's style drizzle cake design using White, Candy, Purple and Lavender Chocolate Drip.


    Chocolate Drip is also a super handy option for making chocolate moulds for all kinds of baking and cake decorating. The precision-nozzle lid makes it easy to melt and pour the chocolate into the mould with no mess or fuss.

    White chocolate bunnies made with Bright White Colour Mill Chocolate Drip.
    White chocolate bunnies make using Bright White Chocolate Drip.
    Mini chocolate easter eggs made using Yellow, Tiffany and Baby Pink Chocolate Drip.

    Chocolate Drip is launching worldwide this Thursday, March 14th!

    Written By Colour Mill