In a world where shimmer and sparkle reign supreme, Colour Mill's Lustre & Glitz Blends will make your bakes outshine the rest. But what is the difference between the two blends? How do you use them? And how can you make the most of these ultra-fine, ultra-shine blends.

What's the difference between Lustre and Glitter?

Lustre is an ultra-fine, pigmented powder that, similar to pearls and metallics, creates a reflective radiant shine.

Glitter, on the other hand is made up of reflective 'flakes' that can be sprinkled over your bakes to give them the ultimate eye-catching sparkle.

Tim Tams covered in Butter Lustre Blend
A close-up shot of White Glitz Blend flakes

How to use Lustre Blend

Lustre Blend is super versatile and can be used on just about any sweet treat you're whipping up. For the best results, we always suggest working with a dry medium, such as the surface of cakes, cookies, fondant, macarons and more. For wet desserts such as mousses, custards and puddings, we would opt for Glitz Blend.

Lustre Blend can be used wet or dry. For a dry application, dip your food safe brush into the Lustre Jar and apply directly onto your bake, buffing it onto the surface in circular motions.

For a wet application, simply mix your Lustre with alcohol or activator on a paint palette to create a pearlescent paint.

Lustre Blend


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Indulge in the rich allure of Glamour Lustre Blend. Known for crossing the line from opulence to over the top, it is the older more mature sister of Butter Lustre Blend.

How to Use Glitz Blend

Glitz Blend is like a gem in a jar, packed to the brim with ultra-sparkly flakes that can be sprinkled on or into pretty much anything!

Glitz Blend can be sprinkled into everything from your cake batter and buttercream icing to mousses, custards, beverages and more. While you can paint with glitter, for best results, we would suggest opting for a base of Lustre Blend for full coverage shine!

Like our pigments, a little goes a long way! Sprinkle on a light dusting and add more as desired. Glitz Blend is best added to your bakes at the end of decorating but before setting.

Gold Glitz Blend mixed with Jelly
Rose Gold Glitz Blend mixed in a cocktail
White Glitz Blend sprinkled over Meringue
Glitz Blend


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Add some bling to your baking with our Gold Glitz Blend! Combining the richness of gold with a hint of warmth and vitality, it is the perfect shade to add a piece of pizzazz to your creations, bringing your sweets to the next level with its shimmery finish.

Written By Colour Mill