Revolution to Evolution Pt. 2 — Working with Buttercream

Thanks to the introduction of our new and improved high concentration formulas, we're going back to basics to explore the best ways to colour buttercream for beautifully vibrant results.
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    Revolution to Evolution Pt. 2 — Working with Buttercream

    Say hello to bolder baking without breaking a sweat. Thanks to our new and improved, high concentration formulas, making brighter buttercream is a breeze.

    So if you're a buttercream buff, gather 'round as we spill the beans on how to work your magic with our potent new formula.

    1. Prime your Buttercream

    If your buttercream's rocking a yellow tone, it's time for some colour correction with White Oil Blend. Before you dive into adding colour we suggest stirring in 2-5% of White into the mix to wave goodbye to those pesky yellow undertones and unveil a true hue.

    2. Brighter Buttercream with Less Colouring

    Our new, high-concentration formulas pack a punch, so go slow when working with them for the first time. Here are a few of our favourite tips and tricks to avoid overdoing it:

    Do the Math

    When working with our new formula, 5 drops per 100g of buttercream is all you need to achieve the colour on the label.

    The Toothpick Method

    For a fool-proof way to keep your buttercream colour in check, use a toothpick to apply colour. Just insert the toothpick into the lid of your bottle, remove and swirl into your buttercream!

    This method is great if you're working with smaller quantities of buttercream, while you're getting a feel for how much colouring is required to achieve your desired shade.

    How to colour buttercream with a toothpick to avoid overdoing it on colour
    Using the toothpick method to easily control the amount of colour going into your buttercream.

    What to do, if you overdo it

    If you've gone a tad overboard and your buttercream is a bit too intense, don't stress! Lighten things up by blending in some plain buttercream or a dash of White Oil Blend. Crisis averted.

    3. Prefer the Old Formula?

    If you like things the way they were, just mix your colour with White Oil Blend before mixing into your buttercream.

    If you have any questions or concerns about these changes and how to work with the new formula, please reach out to our customer service team via the contact page or at

    How to colour buttercream with our new high concentration formula.
    Written By Colour Mill