Revolution to Evolution Pt. 4 — Working with Fondant

With the introduction of our new high concentration formula, it's time to delve into the third and final medium and discuss how to best work with it... fondant! Let's get straight into it. 

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    Revolution to Evolution Pt. 4 — Working with Fondant

    Introducing fondant's new colouring comrade. With our new and improved high concentration formula, colouring fondant is a no mess, no stress experience.

    So if you're a fondant fanatic, let's deep dive into how to work with our new potent formulas to achieve label-true hues.

    1. Pastel Perfection

    Our new formulas pack a punch, but fear not! You can still achieve pastel perfection, you just won't need to use as much colour - making your bottle last longer! Here are our favourite methods to avoid overdoing it when colouring fondant:

    The Toothpick Method

    Insert a toothpick into the lid of your bottle so that the toothpick is saturated with pigment. Swipe the colour off the toothpick, onto your fondant and knead away.

    Gone too dark?

    Used too much colour and your fondant is too dark? Don't stress! Simply knead some uncoloured fondant into your vibrant batch and voila!

    Adding more Dusk to coloured fondant to create a deeper shade.
    Achieving a wider shade range just got a whole lot easier!

    We are dedicated to ensuring this transition is as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our customer service team via the contact page or at

    How to colour fondant with our new high concentration formulas.
    Written By Colour Mill