The Ultimate Baking Staple: Gloss Frost

Give your baked goods the glow up they deserve with Gloss Frost, our vegan, gluten-free and Halal Swiss-Meringue style buttercream that makes your bakes shine.
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    The Ultimate Baking Staple: Gloss Frost

    Our recipe was developed to look as good as it tastes, with a high-gloss that will make your bakes shine, without the sickly sweet sugar hit of other ready-made buttercreams.

    A Vegetable-Based Buttercream

    Yes – you read that correctly! Gloss Frost is a vegetable-based buttercream that's not only a game-changer for decorators but also for clients. One of its draw cards is shelf stability, making it an ideal solution for client-based decorators juggling multiple cake orders. For those cakes that just won't squeeze into a fridge, Gloss Frost ensures they can sit out on the bench, ready to be picked up without worry. This quality makes it an ideal choice for wedding cakes, which often grace the display for extended periods and are too large for refrigeration.

    We haven't forgotten our Fondant Decorators! Gloss Frost allows you to mask your cakes in advance before covering them with fondant, saving you time and stress. Plus, it's unaffected by the rising costs of butter, providing a reliable option for budget-conscious bakers. And let's not forget its inclusive nature – vegan friendly, gluten-free, and is suitable for a halal diet, making it the perfect solution for bakers catering to clients with diverse dietary requirements.

    A monochrome Lambeth Cake made using Gloss Frost coloured with Oil Blend Red.
    Colouring Gloss Frost with Oil Blend Candy.
    Decorating with Piping Tip 4B using Gloss Frost.

    No Yellow Undertones

    The key not only to vibrant colours but a true colour, is starting with a crisp white base. Buttercream naturally has a yellow undertone, which can interfere with the final colour if it is not neutralised. Gloss Frost is already white, meaning a streamline colouring and decorating process, making it easier to achieve brighter, more vibrant colours. This not only saves time but ensures that the final result will exactly how you pictured it!

    Swiss-Meringue Style Appearance (not taste) 

    What sets Gloss Frost apart from other options is its glossy finish along with ease of use. The smooth texture surpasses that of other ready-made buttercreams, offering bakers dream decorating when colouring, smoothing and piping. Unlike other options, Gloss Frost won't form a 'crust,' allowing for some leeway in the decorating process while maintaining a consistently smooth finish.

    Gloss Frost reviews are in!

    You guys say the sweetest things! If you’ve been on the fence about trying Colour Mill Gloss Frost, don’t just take our word for why you should get off the fence and into your closest baking store!

    Gloss Frost Review by Jun-Ni (@thesugarcookiebox)
    Gloss Frost Review by Tara G
    Gloss Frost Review by Chalene (@bakedbychalene)
    Using Colour Mill's Gloss Frost - a silky soft, high gloss, white buttercream frosting with hints of creamy vanilla flavouring. 

    How to use Gloss Frost

    Gloss Frost is ready to ice, pipe, fill (or eat) straight from the tub. To activate silky soft frost, stir before use and simply scoop straight from the tub and get decorating! Best enjoyed at room temperature. Tip: in cooler temperatures microwave in short bursts for up to 30 seconds. 

    The 1L tub pipes 24 cupcakes & covers 1 x 9in cake. The 2L tub pipes 48 cupcakes & 2 x 9in cakes. Gloss Frost is best coloured with Oil Blend.

    Oil Blend Colouring

    Gloss Frost White Buttercream

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    A silky soft, high gloss, white buttercream frosting with hints of creamy vanilla flavouring. Paired perfectly with Oil Blend colouring for bolder baking.
    Best used & stored at room temperature, use within 18 months.
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    Written By Colour Mill