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Become the maestro of pastry, the Picasso of piping and the architect of edible art with Colour Mill's Disposable & Degradable Piping Bags. Packaged in a convenient store and dispenser box, ready to fulfil your wildest piping dreams.

Before you start to pipe perfection, you will need to set up your Piping Bag! Once your Colour Mill Piping Tip is ready, place your piping bag inside a cup, tip down and roll the open end of the bag over the edge of the cup. The cup will support the bag whilst you fill it with mixture!

Use Colour Mill Piping Bags to create cakes with elegance, cookies with charm and pastry perfection.

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Disposable Piping Bags 12 inch

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Make piping a piece of cake with our disposable, degradable and durable piping bags! Each pack contains 50 Piping Bags.

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