Christmas Stocking Stuffer Guide

We've created the ultimate Stocking Stuffer Guide for the baking enthusiasts in your life! Become inspired as we unwrap the stocking stuffer lineup that promises to add a sprinkle of colour and joy this Christmas!
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    Christmas Stocking Stuffer Guide

    Get ready to dive straight into our Christmas Stocking Stuffer Guide and be inspired on what to get the baking enthusiasts in your life! We've curated a list of goodies perfect for beginner and master bakers that will make their Christmas sweeter than ever. 'Tis the season to be bold and sparkle, so add a splash of colour and joy to their stocking this Christmas!

    For the Butter-loving Baker

    Have someone in your life who is a brilliant buttercream decorator or who curates colourful chocolate creations? This one's for them! Our Oil Blend Pigments are the perfect stocking stuffer that is sure to brighten up your Christmas and their baking! The pigments pack a punch and are fade-resistant, giving your occasions the colour they deserve.

    Buttercream Christmas Wreath Cupcake Colour Mill Green
    Buttercream Wreath Coloured with Colour Mill Oil Blend Green
    Buttercream Santa Colour Mill Oil Blend Red
    Buttercream Santa Cupcake coloured using Colour Mill Oil Blend Red

    Our Oil Blend Pigments are packed to the brim with butter-loving pigment and are ready to seamlessly mix and mingle with the delicious fats and butters in your baking! Works best with buttercream, chocolate, ganache and cake batter.

    Oil Blend


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    An essential for all cakers, bakers and delicious dessert makers. Green stands out as a stand-alone is a must-have for creating endless colour-mixing possibilities.

    For the Cake Decorator

    Whether your loved one is sculpting buttercream blossoms or adding whimsical details to their bakes, we’ve got the piping tips to create it all! Our Piping Tips are the secret ingredient to elevate any baker's creations into a true masterpiece. Unlock a world of creativity and expert-level finishes to cakes, cookies, pastries and more!

    Buttercream Piping using Colour Mill 2C and 2D Drop Flower Piping Tips
    Colour Mill Piping Tip 1A Round
    Colour Mill Piping Tips
    Full range of Colour Mill Piping Tips

    Our seamless Piping Tips are made in Korea from high-quality stainless steel and offer precise control and durability. Can be used with buttercream, meringue, macarons and pastry!


    125 Medium Petal

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    Our 125 Medium Petal Piping Tip brings all your floral fantasies to life! Create your favourite flowers including roses, carnations, daisies, pansies plus ruffles, drapes, swags and bows.

    For the Macaron Master

    Calling all macaron masters, royal icing royalties and fondant fanatics... this one's for you! For the sweet treats that are best enjoyed dry, our Aqua Blend Pigments are the perfect accompaniment to seamlessly add a burst of colour! Versatile, vibrant and oh-so-easy to use, this stocking stuffer promises to bring joy to your loved one this Christmas!

    Colour Mill Aqua Blend Christmas Tree cupcakes
    Meringue Christmas Tree Cupcakes using Colour Mill Aqua Blend Lime
    Watermelon Macarons using Colour Mill Aqua Blend Rose and Green
    Watermelon Macarons using Colour Mill Aqua Blend Rose and Green
    Colour Mill Aqua Blend Royal Icing Flower Cookies
    Royal Icing Flower Cookies using Colour Mill Aqua Blend

    Our Aqua Blend Pigments are a baker's best friend for turning oil and fat-sensitive products into bold and beautiful bakes! They can be used to colour macarons, fondant, royal icing, meringue and more!

    Aqua Blend


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    Like the zesty hit of a juicy slice of Lime, this vibrant delight is sure to invigorate your baking. For a sweet & cheerful colour palette pair it with Candy & White.

    For the Glitz & Glamour Lover

    For the baker, caker and decorator who loves to add bling to their bakes! Our Glitz and Lustre Blends are ultra-pigmented and perfect for transforming your bakes into dazzling delights!

    Colour Mill Lustre Blend edible glitter in beverages
    Add Lustre Blend to your beverages this Christmas for a mesmerising dazzle!
    Glitz Blend Silver adding show stopping sparkle

    Made from food-safe ingredients, our Lustre and Glitz Blends will not only transform bakes into picture-perfect creations but also be completely safe to enjoy! Sprinkle onto everything from glazes and jellies to buttercreams and beverages.

    Glitz Blend


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    Add some bling to your baking with our Gold Glitz Blend! Combining the richness of gold with a hint of warmth and vitality, it is the perfect shade to add a piece of pizzazz to your creations, bringing your sweets to the next level with its shimmery finish.

    Lustre Blend


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    Imagine a cake that diffuses a soft and inviting glow, adorned with the warm and comforting hue of our creamy white Blonde Lustre Blend. It sets the stage for a delightful celebration, beckoning guests to indulge in a slice of heaven.

    Written By Colour Mill