Introducing: Decorating Tools

Say hello to Colour Mill's new collection of caking and baking Decorating Tools including Disposable Piping Bags, Cake Scrapers and our top 10 must-have Piping Tips.

    Decorating Announcements
    Introducing: Decorating Tools

    After just over one year of designing, sampling, testing (tasting of course) and production, our new range of Decorating Tools are finally here! So please give a very warm welcome to the 3 newest members of the Colour Mill family, Serial Scraper, (piece of cake) Disposable Piping Bags and our top 10 must-have Piping Tips.

    The Design Process

    Just like the rest of our products, we wanted to infuse our range of Decorating Tools with the joy of colour and bring a little bit of fun to a range of products that is normally purely functional.

    Starting off with our Disposable Piping Bags, we knew we wanted to go with the classic triangle 'pizza box' packaging to avoid creasing the bags. With that in mind, it was a no brainer to design the box to look like a slice of cake. I mean, how could we not?

    When we were deciding which piping bag sizes to produce we were right in the middle of developing Aqua Blend, so knew we had to start with a 9 inch bag for all of our future Royal Icing #colourmillmakers. From there, we finished off the piping bags with 12 inch and 15 inch bags as staples for our cake decorators.

    We created a scalloped edge design on the top of the bag to match our bottle design
    Colour Mill Piping Bag
    Also carrying this scalloped edge through to the box design to mimic buttercream piping on a cake

    Next up was Serial Scraper. We wanted something really lightweight and versatile that could be used for every step of the decorating process, from smoothing out your crumb coat to measuring dowels and applying stencils.

    We opted for an arched design so you can see exactly what is happening on the other side of the scraper and make sure everything is going smoothly.

    Finally, with the endless opportunities for Piping Tip designs, we wanted to narrow our range down to our must-have top 10 tip types (say that 10 times fast!) for all kinds of decorating; from Lambeth Cakes and florals to pastries and everything in between! Check out some of the piping possibilities below.

    A monochrome Lambeth Cake piped with a 4B and 125 piping tip
    Caramel Choux Pastry Tower piped with a 1A and 4B piping tip
    Choux Pastries topped with Gloss Frost with a 1A and 125 piping tip

    We are beyond excited to finally be sharing this range with you all and can't wait to see all of the amazing bakes you create with them. Be sure to tag us @colour.mill and #colourmillmade so we don't miss it!

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    Serial Scraper 6 inch

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    From baking beginner to serial scraper, achieving clean edges, consistent coverage and a silky smooth finish has never been easier!
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