Petal Perfect Piping Tip Pairings

Our pint-sized powerhouses are not just ordinary piping tips, they are full of personality each boasting a distinctive style and artistic flair. Occasionally they join forces to create dynamic duos, seamlessly merging their talents turning basic buttercream into beautiful bakes.
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    Petal Perfect Piping Tip Pairings

    In the spirit of collaboration, they have graciously offered to share the limelight to bring you perfect piping tip pairings. Here is our guide to floral inspired cuppies:

    2C & 2D

    These drop flower tips are two peas in a pod and work perfectly together to create tasty textured buttercream. Pairing two of the same shape with varying teeth widths are like pairing monochrome colours together, allowing you to bring out the best features of the tip shape.

    Recreate this look:

    To create this floral cuppie, use the 2D tip to pipe petals in a semi-circle shape around the outer edge of the cupcake, using 2C to pipe a swirl in the centre. 

    Step 1: Piping Tip 2D Drop Flower
    Step 2: Piping Tip 2C Drop Flower
    Final Decorated Cuppie

    2G & 353

    Piping Tips 353 and 2G live for bringing floral fantasies to life. Leading our piping dance, Tip 2G with its elongated and rounded grooves, effortlessly spreads a burst of colour closely complimented by 353 with lush foliage.

    Recreate this look:

    Using your 2G Piping Tip, squeeze and release to pipe a flower in place. Fill your cupcake all over with flowers until full. Moving tip 353 around the edge of the cupcake, squeeze and hold to create the leaves.

    Step 1: Piping Tip 2G Closed Star
    Step 2: Piping Tip 353 Leaf
    Final Decorated Cuppie

    1A & 4B

    If Spring was a cupcake, Piping Tips 1A and 4B are the bees among the flowers. Pairing the sharp pointed teeth of 4B with the flowing buttercream of 1A, sets the scene for a blossoming season.

    Recreate this look:

    Start by placing your 4B Piping Tip in the centre of the cupcake, moving it in an outwards motion to the edge and pulling it back in on itself with a slight diagonal movement. Repeat this around the edge of the cupcake until you're back at the start. Using your 1A Piping Tip, hold it in the centre of the cupcake to create a dollop.

    Step 1: Piping Tip 4B Open Star
    Step 2: Piping Tip 1A Round
    Final Decorated Cuppie

    1M & 2E

    If you look up the definition of Piping Tips 1M and 2E you will find they bake blooming good cupcakes. Together they are the Jack to your Rose and the Ken to your Barbie, bringing the sweet, sweet symphony to your swirls.

    Recreate this look:

    Create a large swirl in the centre of your cupcake using Tip 1M, leaving a small border clear around one side. With Tip 2E, squeeze and release flowers around the clear side.

    Step 1: Piping Tip 1M Open Star
    Step 2: Piping Tip 2E Drop Flower
    Final Decorated Cuppie

    1A Medium Round

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    Our 1A Medium Round Piping Tip is the most versatile tip and a must have in your baking arsenal. Best used for wide swirls, dollops & perfect for piping your macarons.

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    Written By Colour Mill