Spread Love with these Valentine's Day Colour Palettes

Let's dive into this year's Valentine's, Galentine's and Palentine's colour palettes. Explore the unique colour palettes that will spice up your Valentine's and spread a whole lot of love!
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    Spread Love with these Valentine's Day Colour Palettes

    Valentine's Day is around the corner and we're diving straight into the colour palettes setting the tone for this year's day of love. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's, Galentine's or Palentine's, spread the love with those who mean the most and why not add a little (or a lot) of sugar while you're at it?

    Colour Mill Valentines Day Colour Palette
    Fondant Sugar Cookie by @thehousethatcakebuilt
    Coloured using Aqua Blend Baby Pink, Red and Merlot

    Starting with a colour palette that is on the traditional side for the Valentine's Day bakers. Classic but never forgotten, @thehousethatcakebuilt presents a palette that is just too hard to resist and is an instant crowd-pleaser!

    Aqua Blend

    Baby Pink

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    A pastel pink that’s soft & sweet but sure to pack a punch. Shop it in the Pastel Pack to create the perfect punchy pastel palette (say that 10 times fast)!


    Heart Roll Cake by @tasbih (Pinterest)
    Coloured using Oil Blend Raspberry, Candy and Chocolate

    Roll into Valentine's Day the @tasbih way with shades of pink and a pop of choc. You can't go wrong with pink on this occasion, so why not go wild? This colour palette instantly speaks love, lust and affection and is perfect for the baker who cherishes classic colours.

    Oil Blend


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    Candy is here and boy is she bringing the cheer. This vibrant pink is sure to brighten up your baking and inspire all kinds of fun-filled sweets. Shop Candy in the Pool Party collection for the perfect Summer palette.


    Sugar Cookie Hearts Valentines Day @sallysbakeblog and Colour Mill Colour Palette
    Sugar Cookie Hearts by @sallysbakeblog
    Coloured using Aqua Blend Mint, Peach, Lavender, Baby Pink and Lemon.

    @sallysbakeblog has us blushing at these super cute and colourful sugar cookies! Sally is not afraid to step away from the traditional Valentine's colours and use a whole lot of colour in her bakes! This is perfect for the baker who wants to add a splash of colour to your Valentine's baking but isn't sure where to start. This timeless pastel palette is the one for you!

    Aqua Blend


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    A minty fresh, pastel shade of green that's too cute not to. With subtle yellow undertones, it pairs perfectly with Baby Blue & Baby Pink

    4. Tiffany Valentine's Cake by @montezoolandes

    Tiffany Heart Cake by @montezoolandes
    Coloured using Oil Blend Tiffany, Baby Pink and Red.

    It may not be a blue box, but it is Tiffany in cake form (even better)! @montezoolandes sure knows how to spread love with this complimentary colour palette that allows Tiffany to shine. Easy on the eye and easy on the heart... after all Tiffany is a girl's best friend.

    Oil Blend


    calculated at checkout

    Whoever said you can't eat cake for breakfast clearly never decorated that cake with Tiffany. A vivacious green with hints of blue, shop it in the Fairytale Pack.

    Valentines Day Heart Donuts by @sugarandsaltcookies
    Coloured using Oil Blend Lavender, Orange, Hot Pink and Red.

    Finishing off this year's Valentine's Day colour palettes with a BANG! @sugarandsaltcookies is not afraid of pigment when it comes to her Valentine's Day donuts and we're absolutely on board! This colour palette is for bold bakers who love taking risks and pairing vibrant and vivid colours.

    Oil Blend

    Hot Pink

    calculated at checkout

    Baker-tested and Barbie-approved; Hot Pink leaves nothing on the table. As one of our most vibrant pigments, she is a guaranteed showstopper & accepts no supporting roles.

    Written By Colour Mill