Revolution to Evolution Part 1 — Formula Update

After 5 years of making a colourful mess in the kitchen, we're going from revolution to evolution with our new and improved, high-concentration formula.
    Revolution to Evolution Part 1 — Formula Update

    From the very beginning, we've had big buttercream dreams to revolutionise the baking scene; with high quality pigments that would never let you down.

    And now, after almost 5 years of making a colourful mess in the kitchen, we're going from revolution to evolution with our new and improved, high-concentration formula.

    Say hi to high concentration.

    As many of you have already spotted, colours in our light to medium shade range are rocking a whole new look. Colours with the new formula (e.g. pastels, nudes and medium hues) now look darker coming out of the bottle.

    For example, Blush will now come out of the bottle looking similar to Rust. This is because our new high concentration formulas are up to 10x stronger than the original.

    But don't sweat it folks, the rest of the product remains exactly the same as the Colour Mill you know and love. They're still pigment based, streak-free, fade-resistant and vibrant as ever!

    The shade range of the new high concentration Blush.
    What the new formula of Blush looks like straight out of the bottle.


    Bigger Baking.

    When Colour Mill was first in development, it was intended to be used with Buttercream, Chocolate and mediums with yellow undertones. Our original formula was designed to both whiten and colour but now with super strength the colours can go deeper than ever before.

    With Colour Mill being used in such a wide variety of mediums, this update gives customers the flexibility to use Colour Mill to colour whatever they can dream of!

    Never fear white is here

    If you work with buttercream and chocolate get the best of both worlds with White Oil Blend on hand. This way you can neutralise those pesky yellow tones and enjoy a broader spectrum of shades thanks to our new high-concentration formula. (Talk about having your cake and eating it too!)

    All the colours of the Swiss-Meringue-Bow

    Boosting the potency of our light to medium hues isn't just a tweak – it's a game-changer. With one little bottle, you've got a passport to a whole spectrum of shades, and guess what? You can even dive deeper than what's on the label. Talk about expanding your colour palette!

    Plus, now you won't have to use as much colour so you're getting better value from each bottle!

    Hue Harmony.

    Cutting back on the amount of colour you need to use isn't just about convenience – it's about keeping those flavours and textures intact. Translation? Say goodbye to trial and error when you're working with new recipes or mediums.

    Shade ranges of the Latte and Baby Pink high concentration formulas.

    Use the links below to learn more about working with our new formulas:

    These changes will be gradual. For the most up to date information, be sure to check the label on your bottles (or the product inside!)

    We are dedicated to ensuring this transition is as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our customer service team via the contact page or at

    Written By Colour Mill